Thursday, January 19, 2012

There's a Jar For That (And One of my Favorite Things About Starting The New Year)

When the New Year started we brought back the "Diamond Jars" to help reinforce some good habits with the small crew.  

When they get "caught" doing something well they get a "diamond" dropped in the jar.  It makes a satisfactory job-well-done clink.  

On the flip side, they can also lose a "diamond"...or two. 

When the jars are full they get to go to one of their favorite Inflatable Jump Play Places.

Needless to say these jars are very powerful. :)

 We're also going to start trying to teach them about money by giving them an allowance. 

I think that the plan is to give them $10/week.  So, yeah....We're two weeks in and those jars are still empty..we have some catching up to do...

Anyway...Nine of that will go into "Give" and the remaining dollar will be split between "Save" and "Spend."  Interesting distribution, huh?  

Here's why--and this is one of my most favorite things--on New Year's Day they each picked their own child to sponsor through World Vision.  (Very inspired by this.)  They each picked a little person with their same exact birthday.  M is sponsoring 6-year-old Bongekile in Swaziland and T is sponsoring one-month-shy-of-4 Breiner in Columbia.  

They LOVE writing letters to their new friends (and I love that it can all be done online--that walk to the mailbox is my undoing. ;).  And they've been accumulating a nice stack of drawings and stickers to share.  (Once we add some photos of us I will actually have to make that walk. :)

Sidenote:  See T's sweater? I love that sweater.  Him?  Not so much.  He does however have an affection for Superman.  I thought I would be so clever and I ironed that patch right on that sweater.  Seemed like a win-win.   Handsome warm sweater superhero-ed up.  But apparently the appeal of the Superman badge is not stronger than his dislike of the stripes.  And so despite my efforts, most of the time the sweater remains in his "not my favorite" pile. :)

 Here's to a New Year with jars full of "diamonds" and making new friends all over the world.

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  1. AGAIN...Great ideas!!! I think you should start your own website full of super creative awesome ideas!!!