Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Christmas at Present Speed

One hour of Christmas "morning" condensed into 3 minutes...  (Suh-weet.)

Song: Christmas This Year (2010)--TobyMac
A few things to know.
1.  We celebrated Christmas on Friday--so that (in theory) we could go to PA early on Christmas Eve.

2.  We started by opening some gifts that M made for each of us just a few days after Thanksgiving. They had been stashed under her dresser for over a month.  She could barely contain her excitement that it was finally time for us to open them.  She made me some bookmarks and she made J a kite.  They are tucked away in a memory box.

3.  Have you ever seen anyone clean up wrapping paper that fast?
4.  Beza thought the video camera was a mirror.  She kept watching herself in it.
5.  T is swinging around a spiderman on a retractable string.  A few hours later he cut the string--just trying out some scissors. :)

6.  Speaking of T--he actually looks like he's flying in his cape.

7.  The nerf guns?  Yeah, they're a "Daddy gift."  It's all fun and games until someone shoots their eye.  But really, when does that happen?  The very next day, actually.  The offender?  J.  Yep, he was trying to be all sneaky sniper-ish and got T right on the eye.  Thankfully the projectiles are soft.  And T is forgiving. :)

8.  One of their most favorite gifts?  That cardboard house (a steal on Black Friday).  (Beza and M each got a house.  T got a spaceship.)  Genius. 

9.  I see more shots of my backside in this video than I (quite thankfully) see in an entire year.  :)
10.  Loved spending the day with 3 little people this year...

(And the rest of Christmas--well that's a story recap for another day...)


  1. When Nicki and Foster were little, they always wrote a letter to Santa asking if he could come early so that we could go to PA and spend Xmas Day with Grammy and Pop. He always came early!!!

  2. Love the video! One of my favorite parts was you reading the book to Beza at warp speed. I mean, I knew she was smart, but geez...;)