Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Public Service Announcement--About Rice (for Play)

Yesterday we finally made our own "rainbow" rice.  

So fun.  And so easy!

We followed this tutorial.  The vinegar is a bit, hmm..pungent--but it's fading. :)  (Other recipes suggest rubbing alcohol.)  Also, I was completely out of red liquid food coloring--a somewhat necessary primary color. :)  I did however have a fine stash of gel food coloring--it totally worked and the colors were awesomely vibrant!

We keep it in a large plastic bin and we've been playing with it "gently" in the kitchen.  It looks like rainbow sprinkles--so fun!

Play Rice Public Service Announcement
(To make the obviously obvious, even more obvious.)

Pre-sandbox, I thought that a rice bin would be really fun.  Especially because if they played in it outside I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning it up.  Brilliant! (I thought.)

One fine day, rice play went a little crazy.  There was easily more rice on the deck than in the bin.  But no worries--it was outside!  And I could just sweep it up.  Later.  Or tomorrow.  You know, clean once instead of twice.

It got dark.  We went to bed.  It rained.  On the rice.  Great gobs of rice.  On the deck.

We woke up to a sticky rain-cooked paddy of rice all over the entire deck.

At first it was kind of funny.  And then, not so much.  It was sticky.  And then it was pasty.  And then plastered to the deck.  It caked the brooms.  It firmly ground itself into the spaces between the boards.  It took days of sliding butter knives through the cracks to make a respectable difference.

And so, while it now seems very obvious that rice and moisture don't play well together (unless you're eating it, of course), if you're like me and you just kind of roll with the weather as it comes (you know, never knowing the forecast in advance), I strongly suggest cleaning up stray rice if you take it outside. :)

circa 2008


  1. This is on my TO DO list!!! The colors are awesome!!!

  2. Ohhh that looks SO FUN!! I had a rice bin once... I think we are still finding stray rice inside the house.. lol.

  3. i had a train table for kevin that i decided to put 40 pounds of rice on. He played with his army guys on, but I am still finding rice in hisroom to this day and it is 5 years later!!! michele miller