Monday, January 23, 2012


Today we did a long-overdue quick craft.

M and T had profile cut-outs of themselves on their doors apparently from way back when T was a baby and M had a chin-length bob.  It was time for a little updating.
Oh, the chins!  I LOVE the chins!  T's even has a roll!

I snapped a few side-views of their little heads.  
Seriously--check those eyelashes!

Uploaded them to the computer.  Printed them, cut them out and then traced them onto scrapbook paper.  

And to get all wild and crazy ;), this time we did pattern on pattern.  Pattern on pattern chosen by them.  Hold onto your hats! 

Again, those eyelashes...  She loved the bird on this paper.

He liked all of the "bubbles."

Her little neck is missing--it was hidden under her sweater today. :)

The finished product.
My, how they've grown!  
(Beza's is on her future room. :)  She's still bunking with us (in her crib).)

Happy Monday!

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