Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Word

I've been reading on blogs and in magazines and I have to say I agree--January is a great time for a "fresh start."  I feel like I've been spending the past few weeks sorting and purging and rearranging our stuff.  And I've been cramming in books that are totally messing with me.  And it's good. :)  

I love, and to be honest, am a little bit scared by, the unknown possibilities that come with a new year.  I think this will be a big year for finding direction--direction with careers and schools and children and, well, life. :)

And that is why my word for the year is
(Sweet) Together.

Because no matter what lies ahead on this great adventure, we're in it TOGETHER.

As a new year starts I am so very thankful for the people who I get to walk through it with.  
Including the photographer. :)
The Lettered Cottage

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  1. great word!! You can read about my word on my blog! :)