Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A little TOO prepared? Christmas Week in Review

Because I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night.  Wait, I just couldn't even remember what I just ate--okay, because I definitely have a horrible memory--even though all of our Christmas decorations are tucked back into their bins, if I don't post about our Christmas week, I will obviously forget too much of it. :)

To recap--Christmas was on a Sunday.  We almost always spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with J's.  And we try to have our own Christmas here the day before we go.  That was Friday this year. 

I strongly dislike packing.  It makes me grumpy.  I didn't want to make our Friday Christmas grumpy--so we packed all of our bags and presents into the van on Thursday--a whole 2 days in advance.  That never happens!

T had a horrible cold all week--you know the feverish, hacking cough (with a hundred reminders a day to "please cover your mouth when you cough!"), and a whole box of tissues gone kind.  Beza woke up croupy and not quite herself on Friday--later in the day we found out she had an ear infection.  M woke up on Saturday with an upset stomach from cold-related issues.  Don't we sound like perfect company?  :)

Because we didn't want to give anyone (especially our great-grandparents) the gift of a virus for Christmas--we didn't make it "home" for Christmas Eve--the first time ever in 33 years.  It definitely felt a bit sad--but we tried to make the most of it. :)  

On Christmas day the crew seemed a bit better and our chances of passing on our bug seemed a bit less risky so we made plans to finally make it "home" for Christmas.  And we still got to see all of my family and J's family late that day--so thankful! :)

The Week in Pictures
The Christmas Birthday Cake.  After doing the Jesse tree for the first time this year--such a fun way to celebrate that after God promises all through the Bible that he will come--he did come on Christmas Day.

Nothing like a doughnut to make you feel better.

Practicing superhero poses.

When we finally made it "home" this rocking horse was waiting for Beza.  Great-Grandpa made it all by hand.  Incredible.  He made T that wooden box in the back filled with custom-made fortress blocks.  And for M, he made a special jewelry box with beautiful inlaid wood.  All keepsakes for sure.

Fun gift-opening with J's family on Christmas night.

Look-a-like shirt fun with my family on Monday.  They went patriotic this year. :)  The baby is clearly having a blast. :)

 Later on Monday we got to go to a beautiful (and LARGE) Christmas party with my Dad's family (he has 11 siblings).  Loved seeing everyone.  But what did we take a picture of?  The people we love?  Nope.  The sticky bun.  The family recipe sticky bun.  The sticky bun with a side of carrots and green beans.  Good, good stuff... ;)  

We loaded up the van with way too many gifts (Thank you everyone--we'll think of you every time we use them!) on Tuesday to come home.  

And Wednesday, well, Wednesday was my birthday.  The big 3-4  (I keep telling myself that in 10 years that number will sound sooo young and so I welcome year 34 with wide open arms. ;). 

How did I spend such a momentous day?  Re-decorating, of course. :)  Putting away the Christmas decorations and adding some "winter" touches  (in other words, leaving the white lights on the mantle because I'm not ready to part with their warm sparkle just yet.).  And taking down the Christmas tree.  The poor tree wasn't well-watered during it's first week with us.  Four weeks later it was basically tinder.  If you even breathed beside it, it rained needles.  For real.  

Like that all the way through the dining room (including on the table covered with ornaments), the hallway and the kitchen.  That's a lot of needles.

We spent the rest of the week getting well and hibernating, really. :)  And now we're totally ready to start a fresh new year--looking forward to what's ahead! :)

Happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you are all doing and feeling much better now! AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  2. Feeling better? We collected some germs when out to celebrate on the 22nd, thus by mid-week after Christmas we had a house of cold, sore-throat grumpies till new years day. Hope all are better.

    Fun to decorate for the holidays but it also feels so great to have it all put away and start the yr out fresh and uncluttered.

  3. So fun!!! Those last pictures made me laugh...I can totally relate! By the day after Christmas, if you got within a foot of our tree it rained down pine needles! Sooooo...we had to go ahead and take it down! :)