Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Are We Going To Do Next Week?

Ever since we tucked our pumpkin-pie-filled selves into bed on Thanksgiving, we've been listening to Christmas music practically twenty-four/seven.  And in between we've been squeezing in as much Christmas fun as possible.  

Two weeks ago we met our friends for a fun morning at a local market with only THE-MOST-DELICIOUS-CIDER-DONUTS-EVER,
This picture would be right before Beza toppled over head-first.  Thankfully her coat and fluffy hat--and maybe my arm--absorbed the fall. :)

horse-drawn wagon rides (with jingle bells),

and,of course, a few Christmas-y characters to hug.

We also spent an evening making "gingerbread" houses.  
J and M's creation.  Sweet ride in the front.

T & I made this one.  See that boxy structure in the front--with the orange wheels.  Yeah, that's my version of a car.  Oh, man.  Really, it's more like an SUV, maybe?

Beza and T met Santa at their Toddler & Tots group.  Well, actually, T met him.  Beza wanted to head for the hills. :)

T's preschool class had a little sing-a-long.  And while he may sing all of the words just a little off from the rest of the class, he is nothing if not passionate.  (Sometimes J and I laugh at how different he is from our boring selves--we LOVE it!  Can't get enough of it, really. :)

M's kindergarten class had a sweet performance, too.

Santa came on the firetruck.  

And in between we've been filling up the Jesse Tree.  LOVE this.
Those branches in the vase are completely covered in ornaments.  (Love this Jesse Tree book, too.)

We've been reading Christmas books, talking a ton about this story (The Rich Family),  watching Christmas movies and even caroling (thankfully with some people who can actually carry a tune).  

Totally embracing the wonder and hope of this season--probably one of my most favorite Christmases yet.  

But, really, what ever are we going to do next week? ;)   

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  1. I know!!! I feel the same way! It's never as much fun taking all the Christmas things down!