Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Things That Go Bump In The Night

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Last night after we tucked everyone in we were sitting quietly on the couch (watching the Cosby Show--seriously so funny as a parent) when there was a raucous upstairs.  T was convinced that there was a monster in his room.  He was bumping his knee against the wall to keep the monster away.  He insisted that something was making a "pop" and sounding like someone crinkling a helium balloon.  But that we would have a to wait a bit to hear the sound, too. (Yeah....right....)

Like anyone who just wants to savor the sweetness of sleeping children, J looked around the room, declared it monster free and adamently told T to Go.To.Sleep.  

When T argued that the monster sounds were still happening I went up to bat and told him that there were no monsters--I don't like monsters, and believe me if there were monsters I would be the first to tell him--and that please, instead of thumping the wall with his knee so that he couldn't hear the monster and consequently driving M mad, could he maybe just scratch his sheets.  He fell asleep.

Just as I was going to bed, I walked into his room and heard a strange sound.  Scratching.  And meowing.  Riley the cat was trapped in his closet.

Poor kid really was hearing "monsters" in his room!

Getting His Attention
Also, last night I asked J if he had seen the PayPal statement from the day.  He hadn't--so I started to tell him about my GREAT deal!

In the morning I had been reading on a blog about having children open a new Christmas book a day during December.  What a great idea!  We have a lot--but not enough for every day.  

Photo by M

So I told J that I went to Amazon and loaded up my cart with $254 worth of Christmas books (that's 15 books).  How fun!  

I paused for his reaction.  Do you know that turkey said?  He said, "Wow, I think I was listening to you kind-of like a commercial but then when you said $254 you got my attention."  A commercial, huh?

I laughed (sometimes his "shop-talk" is a bit hard to follow, too) and went on, "But then I went to eBay and ordered a lot of 17 Christmas books for just $21!"

 Of course, he was like so impressed with my shopping prowess, ;) and we've been joking all day about "commercial talk." ;)

And this is totally random--but all week long this strange mustached guy has been lurking in the bathroom...

Happy Sunday! :)

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  1. We love to watch the Cosby show too! And at least T really was hearing something and it's an issue that should go away. We had/have an animal in the wall, long story but hopefully the hubs is resolving the problem this week, anyways A FREAKS when he hears it and it takes him several nights to get him to sleep in his bed again. Poor kid.