Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She Is Totally Teasing Them

M and T are bear-holding thumb-suckers.  Beza loves her bear.  She does not suck her thumb.  

She does however tease M and T about it.

If she spies on of them with a thumb in their mouth, she gets a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous smirk.  Then she looks at her hand to find her thumb and then dangles it out of the side of her mouth.

Sometimes she accidentally sticks her finger in her mouth instead.  Then she pulls it out, looks at her hand again to find her thumb and then sticks the right one in her mouth.


(She doesn't usually stick her tongue out :)--the camera just happened to catch this face. :)


  1. Oh my goodness she is too cute!!! Seriously! That smirk is to die for and I love her name!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comments and prayers recently. Beza is getting so big! And still so adorable; I love these pictures. :)