Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Outnumbered in the City (By Three Children and One Rogue Stroller)

On Sunday we took a spontaneous trip to the city.  It was simply glorious weather for December.
J is holding our fuel. ;)

Bez was a fan of the car-seat-less train. :)

The question was?  How many strollers should we take?  The double was out because--whew!--that would be impossible on a subway.  Beza had her spot reserved in the back carrier.  So, would we be walking far enough to tire out one or two of the others?  After much discussion, we opted for one lone umbrella stroller.

T was impressed with Grand Central Station.

On the train we had practiced what to do in case anyone got lost.  (Love that conversation.)  We even "tattooed" T's arm with our phone number.   

We started our day with a carriage ride through Central Park.  As we were trying to figure out how to flag a carriage down we noticed that M was missing. (!)  Very thankfully after a frantic look around we quickly spotted her nearby, but very scared.  She had been looking at a horse and each of us thought the other had her hand.  (No more loose hands after that!)

 All together, we had a lovely ride through the park. 

But what they really wanted to do was to climb all of those gigantic rocks.

We had a charming lunch at a small pizzeria--you know the cute Zagat-rated kind with like 12 tables.  SO good!
  Beza slept.

After lunch we checked out the Manhattan Children's Museum.

Then we went across the street to Cafe Lalo (from You've Got Mail)--cute, but way too overstimulating after a full day.  We left a tip and grabbed a coffee from Starbucks instead. (Sad, but true.)

We made one last stop in Times Square to see the lights.

Do you see that stroller?  Yeah--no one used it.  It was basically like our 4th child.  Someone had to hold its "hand" the whole time. :)  Good note to selves for next time--the walkers can, in fact, walk. :)

We walked back to Grand Central Station taking in the views.  Views including Elmo giving out hugs.  Elmo is Beza's favorite!  No smile, but she gave him side-long glances until he was out of site. 

Such a fun day of memories! 


  1. Looks SO fun & festive...

  2. Looks like and amazing day! And I can totally imagine that happening to us with the stroller too, lol. Thanks for visiting Creative Wit Kids!

  3. Your family is SO incredibly cute! I love reading your blog posts! The other day, when contemplating whether or not to keep a backpack carrier thing that someone gave us (that we've never used), my rationale for keeping it was how often the Miller's use theirs! To which my hubby said "and who are the Miller's?" haha!