Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Morning in the Life of Beza (How Different From One Year Ago)

After we drop M and T off at school on Fridays, Beza follows her own little quite predictable routine.

The drop-off.

Once home, always closing the pantry door (open doors appear to be one of her major pet peeves) on the way to the living room while murmuring, "Melmo.  Melmo.  Melmo."  (Elmo.  Elmo.  Elmo.)

Always standing to watch her favorite show.  

Always leaning with her hands on the ottoman.  

Even if she's standing in front of it--still always leaning with those hands on it.

And then, always paging through a book.  Girl loves to read.  

Do you know what her current favorite is?  The photo book with pictures of us in it that we left for her in Ethiopia between our two trips.  How sweet is that?  She loves pointing to M and T and saying their names.  

And do you know what tomorrow is?  I can hardly believe it, but it's our referral-versary.  Here's the post from this day last year--the day before we saw her little face for the first time...

A Letter

Dear Sweet Girl,

Today I want you to know just how very much you are loved.  We have been waiting for you for such a very long time and not long from now we will see your face for the first time.  Sometimes this waiting seems like it will go on forever, but I am realizing that this part of the journey is just another part of our story.  I am wondering where you are and what is going on in your little life right now.  Know, that even though we may never know the details, you are so constantly in our hearts.  Our prayer for you when you are not with us is that you would know that you are so very loved--that you would feel a full belly and a cozy bed--but most of all that you would have warm arms that hold you tight and that let you know how beautiful and wonderful you are.

Longing for you...


  1. She is so precious! I love that prayer! And so neat that you wrote it the day before your referral!!!

  2. Ahhh, so sweet! Love her predictability! ;) Eden has similar "issues" as well with open doors--she's really into closing every door she encounters! And has a similar love of books, too! Oh, and a similar love of Elmo! Wonder if they were buddies at HH during those early days...;)

  3. your letter to her SO represents my heart right now. I'm thankful to have those who have gone before!