Saturday, December 03, 2011

Made It: The Up-cycled Jewelry Board (And a Look Back at the Big 3-0)

A few weeks ago I was sorting through some baskets in my closet and I found my little bag filled with "costume" jewelry--stuff that I rarely wear, but that I think will be loads of fun for M and Beza to sift through some day while playing dress-up.  Anyway, M and I were digging through the pieces and some of them actually seem wearable. :)  But digging them out of the basket on the top shelf of the closet is not exactly convenient.

At the same time, M got a few necklaces for her birthday and we've been keeping them in her small jewelry box--where they basically become one big tangled nightmare. 

This big frame has been in my closet for over a year.  Last Christmas we used it to display our Christmas cards.  

It's been collecting dust because the fabric I used is just a little busy. :)  With a small make-over it seemed like it might be the perfect solution to our necklace chaos.

But first, I had to take out all of those tacks...
Then, not wanting to ever remove pesky tacks like that again, I hot-glued burlap to the back. :)

 Then I carefully hammered in equally spaced nails.  And added our "bling."

Now we can see everything all in one place!  Love it!  M gets the lower quadrant, but can totally borrow anything she wants (well, maybe everything except for that coffee-bean necklace from Ethiopia. ;).  

The "statement" pieces. ;)

This is what I have on everyday--but seriously, how fun would some of those be to wear?
 Hope for Orphans necklace from TVP 

And while I didn't plan it that way, because it's burlap, it works perfectly for displaying our earrings, too!

(I used to keep all of my earrings in this little container.)


I can even display earrings right beside their matching necklaces.  How fun is that?

J hung it in our closet over the weekend and we've been playing "jewelry store" ever since. :)

And in the Christmas Card "Countdown," here's a look back at 2007,

Happy Monday! :)


  1. That has to be the coolest neatest most awesome thing you've done yet! I love it!!!!