Thursday, December 01, 2011

Do Not Wash Crayons With Clothes

We spent last week celebrating Thanksgiving with our families.  The little people and I got to spend some quality time at "the farm."  It was corn harvesting time.  M was beyond thrilled to be able to ride on the gravity wagon full of field corn--my sisters and I spent many afternoons parading around the fields that way.  Girl after our own hearts, she couldn't get enough.  We even got to ride on top stargazing just as the sun was setting.  Sweet...

We also picked out our Christmas Tree from J's grandparent's tree farm.  

That smile cracks me up!

Here it is in all of it's glory--
She's a beauty!  ;)  
M and T were beyond delighted to decorate it all by themselves (minus the lights). 

Also, during our travels T thought it would be a great idea to put crayons in his pockets and socks (I know, that sounds terribly comfortable, doesn't it?) so that he would always be prepared to create a masterpiece at a moment's notice.  Clever.  

Not so clever--washing and drying laundry with crayons.  A whole load of travel-laundry, including my own clothes, ended up looking like this...
and this...

In case you should find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, I found this concoction to work remarkably well.  (How To Remove Crayons From Clothing)  After one round with that mixture and about 4 more with just hot water and regular laundry detergent, I think that at least 75% of the crayon came out.  And considering that within minutes of getting dressed most of our (their) clothes are already covered in something (milk, fruit bars, toothpaste, etc), I consider it a "good-enough" success. :)

Speaking of T--today he got stuck in a tree (I was on diaper duty at the time.)
And is anyone else having trouble keeping track of what day it is?  I've been off all week.  We were ready to walk out the door today to drop M off at school when she mentioned something about T being in school today, too.  I completely forgot.  He had just enough time to put on real shoes instead of the slippers he was wearing--but not enough time to change out of his 3-day-old-and-totally-showing-it-jeans.  But all is well. :)  And tomorrow is Friday (I'm on top of that one.).  

Happy Thursday Night!

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