Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Home is Hurting

Darren Rovell's photo Penn State's logo today (via @Quickish, @n2st)

This past week the news from a place that is "home," --the place where we made huge, fundamental life decisions, life-long friendships, and unforgettable memories--has left us deeply broken-hearted.   

We have shed tears as we've grieved for the victims while reading the allegations, walked around in silence as we've wrestled with the news, and experienced a range of emotions from sadness to anger to hope.  

I have been surprised at our feelings of hurt and betrayal...but upon reflection we've realized that a part of us expected our dear alma mater to be a little piece of heaven.  Yet, we can't read the details without examining ourselves--not to condemn--but to recognize that in our humanness this world will never be perfect.  Even when part of us expects it to be.

That expectation has made the realities of this week's events chip away a bit more of the allure of this world. 

Today we struggled to find the words that would shatter a bit more of their innocence as we explained the magnitude of today's game to M and T.  But, in the midst of the depths of this tragedy we were also overcome by the solidarity of two opposing teams bowed together for the victims of abuse.  Hope rising in a broken place.  

The Amazing Creator of this World created us to freely choose love.  And with that choice comes the equal opportunity to chose the opposite.  In each of us lies the ability to make that choice.

This morning we filled our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We talked with M and T about how amazing these gifts are for children who barely have what we consider necessities.  How it is a picture of God's amazing grace towards us.  He offers us an abundant life, but we need to choose it. 

We know the living, moving organism that is Penn State to be immense, diverse and passionate.  Those passionate hearts can swarm together to create chaos but more often the Penn State we know swells together to create tremendous good.    

It is our ardent prayer that from this there would be great healing.  And that we would put our hope in What we do not see and from His great love for us learn to love more fully moment by moment.  In the easy and in the incomprehensibly hard.  

(As we've been processing this week's events, we were moved by this perspective shared by the director of Cru at PSU.  You can go here to read his talk in it's entirety or here to listen.)

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