Monday, November 21, 2011

The Tricked Out Van--Toddler Style

The key to any good car trip (besides making sure everyone uses the potty before you leave the house), is a well stocked vehicle.  Ours is definitely stocked. :)

It's an ever-changing tetris of children's paraphernalia--but here's a peek inside our hot ride.

Front Console
Coffee.  Tissues.  Wipes.  Lip gloss.  Spare hair clips for Beza--always have to be prepared to accessorize. :)

Driver's Door
Phone Earpiece.  Hand Sanitizer.  Tire Pressure Gauge. Walkie talkies.  Flashlight.  Small Tool for slashing our seatbelts and busting out of the windows in case we find ourselves submerged in water (gift from my parents. ;).

Passenger Door
Coupons.  Hand Sanitizer.  Blankets--the driver likes to cruise in arctic temperatures.

Glove Compartment
A bunch of stuff on top of the vehicle information booklet.  J loves to dig through here. ;)

Back Seat
Three Seats.  One stained floor.

Back Seat (Passenger Side)
Extra Diapers.  A LOT of extra diapers.  (There are more under the front seat.)
The Snack Bag--granola bars, fruit bars, goldfish, sandwich bags (for distributing goldfish), Goober (gross-but shelf stable), plastic knives (for spreading Goober).  Just add bread.  Oh, and water.

 Back Seat (Driver's Side)

The Wayyyy Back
 Neat Sheet (for spontaneous picnics).  
Foam "Seats" to make the back of the grocery cart a little more comfortable for little bums.  
A basket with a complete extra outfit for each child, warm blankets, extra wipes, a potty (lined with a bag when rarely used, then thoroughly cleaned before being returned to the basket)--awesome in an emergency, and butter.  I kid--those are crayons.  Of course.

On top of that basket:
The Diaper Bag
A bottle.  More diapers.  More wipes.  A Medicine Kit for Little People with fever and pain relievers, a thermometer, first aid creams, and an assortment of character band-aids.  
I NEVER use the diaper bag--but it's there if I need it. :)

Beside the Diaper Bag
The Toy Bag
Cars.  Dolls.  Coloring Books (hence the crayons).  Travel Magna-doodles.  A fabric car playmat.
The toy bag was definitely utilized for all of those trips to the post offices, courts and police departments for adoption paperwork.

The WHOLE Back
Bugspray and Sunscreen--you just never know when you might need them.  Three Strollers.  I only have two arms, but there are three strollers (two singles and a double) in there.  Really, it's just a convenient storage place and that way we're always prepared. ;) Oh, in case three strollers won't cut it, there is a big back carrier in there, too.  And I'm not done yet.  We also travel with a baby booster seat (traveling high chair).  And, sometimes, the pack-n-play joins the party.

Seriously, what did we do before the van?

Here's a peek back to Christmas 2005--when the word "van" had four letters.  :)

I would love to hear how you make your cars work for your families. :)
Happy Monday!

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