Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Funnies: The Lingo We Love

Using his (notably unsyruped) pancake as a mask.  Of course.

Little Dude has recently become aware that his "Are me going to school today?'s" are grammatically incorrect.  (Today he changed it to "Are I?" ;)

Here are some of his other latest and greatest that are quickly fading.

Rootbeard: Rootbeer
"I wuv rootbeard wowwipops."

Pickle-axe: Pick-axe
"My guy is using a pickle-axe to dig in the dairt."

Hwahmp: Swamp
"What wivs in a hwahmp?"
(Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time to figure out what he's talking about.)

Jams: Germs
"There are jams all over Mommy's tissue box in the van."
(He's told several people this.  After they figure out that it's not strawberry preserves, it still sounds pretty enticing, huh? *Sigh*  The box is covered with illustrations of germ-monsters.)

Foo: Who
"Foo ate the wast brownie?"

Griwls: Girls
"Naiwlpowish is for griwls."

To help them learn how to spell their names we sing a little song that kind-of sounds like the Mickey M-O-U-S-E song.  But for poor T we've (when I say "we" I really mean "J.") started to sing it like this, "T-_-_-_-_  smells T, smells T..."  It makes him laugh.  And he knows how to spell his name.  (Poor kid. :) 

He puts his dirty laundry in J's laundry basket because he's "a daddy, too!"--a  Beary daddy.

Playing a game from his favorite--"P-B-S kids dot org"--on J's iphone.  
Photo taken by M on my iphone.

Love this crazy guy who throws his entire self into what he's playing and how he makes us laugh. :)

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