Friday, November 18, 2011

Not Your Barney Clean-up Song

Okay, so the room messes around here.  Epic as of late.

And I can hear myself saying the same things every day (or so) about cleaning up.  I'm tired of hearing myself say those things.  I can only imagine how tired they are of hearing it, too.

When I get frustrated, I produce a good lecture, eat chocolate, put myself in a time-out and then eventually, I brainstorm.  Surely there must be an easier way to go about this.  To not nag. 

Then I started to think that really it just needs to be fun.  Doesn't music make things fun?  Hey, what a great way to let everyone know that it's "Clean Up" time without words!

But the clean-up song--well, it's just a little bit too Barney.  (The key is to read that without singing it, because like the peanut butter all over T's pants before school this morning--once it's there--it just won't go away.) 

The answer to all song questions (except for the "I'm going to Kentucky, I'm going to the fair" song that T keeps singing) is YouTube.  And do you know what they have?  A robot cleaning up song.  No kidding--a robot.  They LOVE robots!

I waited for a really good mess--the kind where you can't walk without stepping on something (I didn't have to wait very long ;)--and then I turned it on.  They were just as impressed as I hoped they would be--and, boy, did they ever move!  (The robot does a little countdown at the end--totally motivating.) 

Not only did they love the song and clean up the whole first floor.  But they also begged me (for real) to let them clean up their rooms with the songs on.  How awesome is that?

I know this song magic won't work forever, but it sure is fun for now. :)

These are three of the songs that make the messes disappear and that create some hilarious spontaneous dance moves. :)

(When you push "play," it takes a few seconds for the first song to start.)


  1. I am totally going to try these songs with my kids and my preschool class. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! This is the same issue at my house and your method of coping completely mimics mine!!!! Love this post!