Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mean Mom

That's me!

Oh, man.  So, T had been having a few, shall we say, "meltdowns" in the morning when it was time to get dressed because he basically refused to wear any of the long-sleeved shirts that he picked out when we went school shopping.  

And so do you know what this mean mom did?  I put all of the shirts that he likes "away" for a while, leaving only the ones he found distasteful.  (Such a meanie!)

One of about six shirts that weren't his favorite.  
(Making dough cookies with the leftover pumpkin pie crust.)

The first two days were a bit rough for just a few minutes.  But now (about 2 weeks later), quite thankfully, he loves all of those previously undesirable tops.  Phew!

If he could, he would wear shorts every day.  He usually puts them on for naptime.  But have you seen the weather around here?  It's been just a bit chilly--maybe not exactly shorts-season. ;)

I'll give it another week or two, and then he can have the rest of his shirts back. :)

Then to pile on to the mean streak, JMill and I recently had a little chitchat on the swings.  About laundry.  The endless piles of laundry.  And the need for a few "rules."

Rule 1: If it's not in the basket--it doesn't get washed. (I made a new schedule card for the younger gang to help them remember this.)

Rule 2: If you change your clothes 3 times a day and then run out of clean clothes, you will need to wear something out of the dirty laundry basket. (Wow--sooo mean!)

Rule 3: If you put it in inside-out--it will come back to you clean and fresh, but still inside-out. (This is a rule for the age 5 and older crowd.)
Oh, yes, and there my friends, are just 2 of the ways I've been laying down the law as "mean mom." ;)
It's not pretty, but I guess somebody's gotta do it?


  1. I can so relate to the inside out shirt--still do it to this day!!!!! I'm not about to right side out all those shirts!

  2. My kids (all 6 of them) do their own laundry, and recently the boys "forgot" to check their pockets first........they had to shell out $$$ to pay for all those darks ruined by a few crayons pieces left in one of those non-checked pockets! Someday their spouses with thank us for all the "meaness" they had to endure!! It builds responsibility I believe

  3. Mean moms unite!!!! We have the very same issues with our A! Maybe its a second child thing?