Monday, November 14, 2011

Made-It: Goodbye Florals and "Pile Talk"

Every once in a great, great while, an actual card makes it's way out of our house and into the mailbox.  Cards and letters are not my strong point.  But it is not for lack of my mother's trying. :)  (She is amazing at that stuff!)

When we got married she gave us this box of cards to send to other people.  

While the exterior is definitely cheery--it's just a bit too floral for my taste.  So it's been tucked away in a closet.  (Maybe that can be my excuse?)

Eleven years later, I have finally refurbished it.  Now it's on our desk.  (Bummer, there goes my excuse.)

Also in this box are all of our old Christmas letters.  When I was putting all of the contents of the box back inside, M and I reread those old letters.  There was some funny stuff in there.  

Because it's that time of year, again--the time to start working on this year's letter--I thought that it would be fun to "re-post" those old letters.  I think of Christmas letters as our once-a-year opportunity to "burst into" our friend's and family's homes--so I try to make them show a bit of our personality. :)

This was our very first attempt to write a family "Christmas letter."  Just a simple little one-pager with a lot of apparently inside jokes (my dad says that line in the letter to my mom at dinner to make her mad) and "pile talk."  We had been married for 3 years--I had finished 2 years of grad school that summer and had just started my first professional full-time job and our cats were our kids.
Happy Monday! :)

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