Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a Good Thing They Don't Judge Us

on parental fitness by their hair.

Exhibit 1: The every-day knot right in the back of M's head.  It's a tear-producer (for both of us).

Exhibit 2: T's bed-head and randomly long pieces of hair.  Thankfully, this look is a bit more "in"--or at least I pretend that it is.

Exhibit 3: And Little Beza--well, whew, we're still working on getting hers just right.  I use headbands as a distraction from the mess in the back.

Right now she's in "hair therapy."  We've been trying to be much better about conditioning it all day, hence the little scarf on her head.  She wears it well, sweet girl! :)
(Friday afternoon Mary Poppins.)

Someday they'll be in control of their own hair--hmm...that could make things even more interesting! ;)


  1. Have you tried getting the tangles out of M's hair while it is soaked with conditioner. Wet it, use a widetooth comb and conditioner and you should be good to go. Try doing this when she is playing in the bath, let the conditioner sit on her hair for a while so she gets used to it being there and then start from the ends of her hair and work your way up.

  2. Girl, I totally understand! You should see my Caty's curly hair on the mornings I don't have time to wet it and fix it...oh my!!! :)