Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Favorites: Hot of the Press Haircut :)

I had almost half of my head trimmed off this morning with Beza in tow.  I'm sure I lost like, you know, 10 lbs--at least. ;)  (If only it were that easy!)

Okay, so I have some downright scary before and after photos to share.  Seriously, holding the camera in my face is just obnoxious.  But it does make for a good before and after hair story--which I personally always love. :)

We were very early for the preschool drop-off this morning--like 15 minutes early--so there was plenty of time for "before" shots--with a little help from T.  The "after" shots are courtesy of my other camera partner-in-crime, M.

Brace yourselves...

It feels so good....!
(And soon it will grow and I'll be right back in a ponytail, again. :)

To finish off the fresh new haircut--I thought it would be fun to get a new nail polish.  I hear that nude colors are all the rage.  Beza and I cruised around the big chain pharmacy and came out empty handed.  In one last attempt to shop with just one little person (and to spend as little as possible because JMill and I have just started a new, and oh-so-fun, budgeting system :), we stopped by the local pharmacy and found some Essie (my favorite) nude-ish colors for half off!  Score!  :) 

Excuse me while I go get all gussied up--because it's Friday--and what better day to get gussied up? :)
Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the new hairdo!!!!!

  2. I LOVE your new haircut!!! SO cute and stylish!!!

  3. LOVE the haircut!!! Looks great on you!

  4. oh it's GREAT! there are days where i totally wish i could pull off a shorter cut!!! you definitely rock it!