Friday, October 07, 2011

What would happen if you wrote a family mission statement?

Well, for one thing, you might discover that you and your spouse are borderline ogres. 

This past weekend, JMill and I sat down to create a family mission statement.  A pretty big job, I might say. 

Basically, we've got just this one life to live--what do we want to fill it with?  We don't want to look back someday with huge regrets for how we spent our time (although, certainly, mistakes are inevitable and can provide unexpected opportunities for growth.).  A mission statement can help to define where you're going and set parameters for the path to get there. 

So, yeah, where in the world to begin?

First we watched this video from Franklin Covey answering the question, "What do you want people to say about you on your 82nd birthday?"  Wow--um, we see lots of room to grow... :)

Then to get our creative juices flowing (and for a healthy reality check and deep thinking late on a Saturday night;), we answered the questions from this post (where we came to our ogre conclusion).

It is still a work in progess.  Can't wait to share our personal family mission statement someday.  But in the meantime, I came across this, and it seems to say it all pretty perfectly.

 You can get one HERE.

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  1. I love this and it is DEF now on my to do list!!!! You are such an inspiration!