Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday Made-It: Making the Mail Pile Disappear (And THE cake)

Our office is often covered in piles of papers--and a good chunk of it is unopened mail or mail that I'm not sure if J has seen yet or not.  Really just a big stressful mess.  

Sometimes those same piles start collecting in the kitchen and dining room where they get moved from counter to counter and back again--growing as they go.  A mess.

Solution: A mail filing system right inside the front door.  I used a basket that I already had and decorated old file folders with scrapbooking paper--making it a free project.  LOVE free projects.  :)  

Just at the same time that I finished the folders I found this little stand at a yard sale--perfect fit for inside the front door.  It doubles as the shoe holder.  It seems that Beza likes to decorate our house with shoes.  The cupboard door prevents shoe "decorating" making it much easier to find shoes for school in the morning (in theory at least).  :)

In other news, I just finished crumb coating this...

(Vanilla rainbow cake.)

With the most insane amount of knock-your-socks-off sweet icing that is most definitely more of a look but don't eat treat.   

 But it will pretty. :)

Can't wait for our rainbow-loving birthday girl to see it on Wednesday. :)

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