Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Family that Bikes Together...

Stays together.
Unless someone starts going in the wrong direction.
 Not mentioning any names.

I have recently acquired a new (inexpensive) purple bike and my very first bike helmet (I think that it's been well over 12 years since I've last ridden a bike--you know, when I was like 10. ;)

And with the addition of a bike trailer, we ride in style as a whole family.  Fun!  Mostly. ;) 

This past weekend we made a bucket list for the fall.

We decided that it was the perfect weekend to take on the Rail Trail.
Cool fall air--M trying to get her hands in her sweater sleeves.

T sported this face--his worried face.
He was worried that there might be wolves in the woods.  Where would he get an idea like that?

Dude needed pretty much constant reminders to stay on his side and on the trail (he only bumped into one fence post.)  And he had a blast trying to "beat" me.
Such a blurry photo, but seriously, could he get any more thrilled to be "racing" past me?

Okay, so the first two miles--so easy.  The small bikers were begging, begging, I tell you, to go farther.  We vetoed--knowing full well that the two miles back might just be too much.

Mile 3 was the most memorable.  Smallest biker was pretty much at a standstill.  After a quick "What-In-The-World-Do-We-Do-Now?" Brainstorm, we concluded that we could just pop him in with Beza.  Pat-on-the-back, brilliant solution.  I mean, who wouldn't want to ride in the chariot?

T, that's who.

Let's just say that it was good that no one else was around.  And after his release his strong sense of indignation about being put in the trailer with a baby made him pedal faster than ever. 

And we all made it back to the van!  In one piece.

With fond memories of quiet trails, peaceful ponds, colored leaves, tired legs, angry wails, sleep-drunk babies (who are not allowed to sleep outside of naptime under any circumstances ;), and our longest  bike ride accomplished together as a family. :)

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