Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Photo Journal (And Out-takes)

A little photo record of how we've been filling our days...
(Some of the photos were taken with an iphone and are just a bit fuzzy. :)

We've been going on a hike almost every weekend.  
Two weeks ago we walked 3 miles on the Appalachian trail with friends.

Last weekend we walked another 3 miles to a lake at the top of a mountain.

Beza had quite a view for the last part of the hike. ;)

On the way home we followed some parachuters to watch them land.
We celebrated the bears' birthdays.  Happy Birthday Beary and Ben.

We visited the local fire station.

We flew kites on a rare windy day.

And we have been very busy working on a huge leaf maze complete with secret doors and passwords. 
Trying to get Daddy lost in the long dead-end "tunnels." :)

And as I was going through these photos there were a few that just cracked me up.  They are
The Out-Takes. 

Beza is totally glaring at the cameraman and me, well, I'm clearly listening to T's head (I was actually using his head to swish a piece of hair back behind my ear).

Her first taste of a lollipop.  She didn't love it, but J's head and shirt were kind-of stuck on it (ha-ha). :)

Oh, yeah, and there was a small snake on that walk.

How Beza really felt about that "view." :)

An unfortunate landing.

T stuck in a tree on Columbus day.

What these two were really like in the truck-cart yesterday.  Beza was a bit of an aggressive driver. :)

And the ham from last night's birthday celebration. :)

Phew--and now, I think I am up-to-date. :)


  1. Love it! I sure am jealous of your weather (although, you might be jealous of ours once you get too cold). And that pic of Beza's view was hilarious!

  2. Haha! I am LOL with the pic of Beza's view! So funny!!!