Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Birthday Day--Simple Style (And Inside the Cake)

Our day ended with a very happy 6-year-old.  

It all started with her breakfast of choice--Cocoa Pebbles--a cereal reserved for special occasions. :)  

And then off to school to deliver some rice krispie treats on a stick.

While M was in school, these two helped me pick up a few more of M's food choices for the day--raspberries, strawberries and rotisserie chicken.

After that they had a little Halloween party with their Toddler & Tots class.

Later in the day there were fun birthday calls.

And after dinner--finally time for cake and presents.  
I had grand plans for the icing--the cake was going to be covered in pink roses.  That so did not work out. :)  So it's just a nice simple pink. :)

The inside of the "rainbow cake."

Meg got a lot of small princesses, a My Little Pony, colored pens and fun paper, a book, hair clips and her absolute favorite--Soul Surfer

So, because I love re-usable gift bags I have no wrapping paper.  But I think that little people love ripping open packages way more than peering into bags.  I did however have old newspapers.  Dear child had her gifts wrapped in that newspaper. :)  Sad or creative, I don't know--but it worked. :)

We spent the rest of the night laughing as two worlds collided with princesses and rough and tough hero figures trying to fly into space.  

Fun day.  Can't believe that she's 6!  So thankful she's a part of our family. :)

Happy Birthday, M!

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