Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Picking: The Real Story

Making Sweet Memories Despite The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

It all started one beautiful fall day six years ago.  Let's go apple picking!  One cute little girl absolutely delighted in the whole experience.  It was a warm and fuzzy feelings kind-of day.  We couldn't wait to do it again the next year.

One year later--another beautiful Fall day--Let's go apple picking!  Same place, same gorgeous kind of day, totally different experience.  Mother of all tantrums--twice.  In public, with people staring, stuck in a field for 30 minutes, stuck in the car for 45.  Memorable.

Slightly traumatized from the year before, we kept the Third Year simple.  Local place, just me and now two little people.  Short and sweet.

Feeling brave, for the Fourth Year we headed back to the original apple-picking orchard--with memories from that first year starting to fade away memories of the second.  Two walkers eager to pick some apples.  Two walkers who weren't so happy to walk, who weren't so happy to hold hands in a parking lot, who weren't so excited about the actual apples.  Who cried in the car on the way home.  Nostalgic. 

Fall Number 5 with children was fading fast.  Just me and my two adventuresome buddies at the local orchard.  The local orchard with long lines, high prices and no apples on the trees.  Trying to make it into some sort of memory despite a stomach-ached child, we picked our fruit off the ground.  We made applesauce and apple pie.  Together.  Sweet pie from sour apples.

Year Number 6 with now three growing little people.  Back to the first orchard full of hope.  Warm, picturesque day.  Donuts, hayrides, wooly-worms and apples.  Perfect...

 Here's looking forward to Year 7! :)

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  1. Love the honesty! And love that this year was a goodie! ;)