Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Quite Observant

Earlier this week T told me that he wanted to toss a crayon that wasn't working very well.  
Me: Oh, no.  Keep that one--it's the one you can use to make some people.

At our "Mommy and Me" group we pulled into the parking lot and T exclaimed, 

Then, at the grocery store, he keeps asking me about this sign--he is visually appalled that it is missing a parent.
(Please excuse the view through a window that is in obvious need of a good scrubbing. ;)

I was paging through a magazine when T asked,
Though the resemblance is striking--It is not.

A few things: 
1.) The small crew likes to run errands with me on the weekends.
2.)  We have two male black cats--Billy and Riley.  We gave them middle names after our friends, Ben and Erin.
3.) Billy lives under our bed.  He makes brief guest appearances at the "watering hole."
4.)  M loves Billy.
5.) Why this is relevant:
M: Billy's name, Billy "Erin" is perfect for him!
J: Why do you say that?
M: Because he runs quickly from one place to another just like when we run errands we go quickly from one place to another. 

Oh, they are observant! :)

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  1. These are too funny! I love kids. Yesterday, my almost 4 year old said to me, " I am going to Erin's with daddy". Me: "who is Erin?" J:" It's not a person. It means go to the store." Me "Oh, you mean you are going to run errands with Daddy." J- "Yes, I am going to Erin's with daddy."