Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Something You Might Not Know About Me

I moonlight as a flight attendant.

In a minivan.

I get to ride in first class from city to city in a vehicle transporting veritable celebrities to their adoring fans.

Basic job description: At least once every 5 minutes turn around from a buckled-in position to pass a toy, adjust the DVD player, hand out food and/or water, referee disagreements, determine the source of discontent in a non-verbal passenger, smooth out "in-flight" blankets and at any given moment be prepared to retrieve any of the above items that have inevitably fallen on the floor well outside the diameter of my grasp. 

Typical itinerary: 4 hours one way.

Most recent itinerary: 8 hours one way; 16 hours in a weekend.  (Can you smell the lost french fries?)

On-the-road highlight of the most recent trip: Car Seat Fire Drill.

Little Miss Beza has graduated from the infant seat into slightly larger rear-facing seat.  A new seat that apparently puts T right in her little arms reach.  The perfect distance for practicing her perfect pinch.  On T's arm.  Repeatedly.  (Practice makes perfect!)

One hour in and we made the unified decision to rearrange all of the seats.  

T, Beza, M
Beza, M, T
(It also became a great opportunity to see what was lurking under those seats.  Scary stuff..scary stuff...)

M couldn't be more thrilled to be in the middle seat--a seat which happens to help her hone some back seat driving skills--she can understand the GPS better than any of us. :)
Taking out the seats at the rest stop.  Notice snack bag one of three on the floor.  Food I'm most glad we brought (well, besides the swedish fish): a loaf of bread--who knew?

New arrangement.  Could M possibly hold anything else? T must be practicing his sleeping fish face. :)

This most recent trip also made me realize (again) that we are a traveling mess, albeit a lovely mess. :)  

We storm unsuspecting friends and family with gobs of weekend bags that weigh more than us, assorted large baby paraphernalia, and small children untethered from the confines of nearly half of their day strapped into a seat.  Small children with strange eating habits, sticky fingers, confused sleeping schedules and an undying curiousity about what is tucked away into every closet and cupboard.  Small children with only one volume.  Small hungry children that accidentally spill and simultaneously kick boxes of popcorn in movie theaters.  

Small children that think that their uncles can really fly.  That think their aunts are the coolest and prettiest girls ever.  That whoop at the names of their grandparents.  That say they wish they could stay in the car just a little while longer just to keep talking to us.  

Oh, these small little people can make the this lover of all things organized know that just getting to hang out with them is worth all the chaos in the world. :)

Thanks for a fun-filled weekend family and friends!  
Love you!

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  1. Just wanted to share that I loved this post and it made me teary! :)