Monday, September 26, 2011

Scheduled ( is NOT shampoo!)

The new school year is just two weeks old and we've been spending these past two weeks working on getting organized.  Or maybe a better word is "scheduled."

Funny thing is that schedules make me cringe.  I LOVE being organized, but there is something about being "scheduled" that makes me feel like I'm a slave to time.  It feels like such a restrictive word. Funnier still, I live a pretty scheduled life--I just don't write it down (hmmm...maybe that's why my library books are always overdue.).  I think that maybe I've been afraid that if I actually wrote down a schedule of any kind (daily, menu, etc), that if I didn't accomplish everything at the right time or in the right order I would feel like I had failed.

But I am learning to fully embrace the "schedule"--the "flexible schedule." :)  And what a great time of the year to start some new things!

Here's a bit of what we've been working on:

Inspired, once again, by Pinterest, I made this hanging chalkboard (using spray paint) on an old wooden box and wrote some fun things to do each day with the gang. (
Yes, they are learning how to do laundry and garbage!  (Tuesday Towels & Trash--gotta love alliteration.)

And when by Day Four of school we had already had the "Forgot-To-Use-The-Potty-At-Home-And-Majorly-Dislike-Public-Restrooms" Fiasco and the forgotten backpack, I made our own handy little schedule cards (hmmm...wonder where I got that idea? :).

Some of the cards are upstairs...

The rest are downstairs under the new Menu Board.

SO excited about this board!  My neighbor sent me a link to the "30 Meal Plan" over at NannyGoat.

I went through all of my recipes and printed out 30 of them using these templates. 
(Bonus: Now I can just print a copy to share.)
I am totally loving this recipe card set up--it makes it so easy to quickly see what ingredients I need from the grocery store for the week.  And when it's time to make dinner, I just bring the card into the kitchen--I don't have to look for the recipe in my cookbooks. 

My favorite recipe card:

I snagged that board at a yard sale for $2.00.  In keeping with my "small children and tacks don't mix" philosophy, I found ways to use clothespins to hold almost everything in place.  I had birds left over from this project and just glued them onto the pins that are clipped onto some yarn.

Then I found these fun printables to add a little character:
T is a green bean addict and M always says, "I will never, ever stop loving you."

To help us get out the door on time, I set this alarm clock near the front door to go off 10 minutes before we leave.  That's our signal to get our shoes on and have our school bags/coats ready to go.  (Don't faint, Mom, but) So far, so good on getting there on time. :)

Loving these new things to help keep us on track.  It doesn't feel restrictive at all!  And believe me, we have had plenty of opportunities to keep it "flexible."

Because there are curve balls that look a little like this:
M: Mommy, T has soap in his hair!
Me: What?  He's just washing his hands.
(Walking into the bathroom:)
Me: T!  That is NOT shampoo!
T thought that the marshmallow handsoap bubbles were an awesome addition to his morning routine.

The result: A completely "unscheduled" pre-preschool bath. :)
(And a little boy that smelled like marshmallow for a good three days.)

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  1. ugh, I wish I could get my act together and make some cute thing from pinterest! everything looks wonderful and adorable!!! good luck with your scheduling :)

  2. You are so creative!!! I am a scheduled person, but I wish I was more creative and fun about it! I love all your creativity!!!

  3. It looks like you have a great system going!!