Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Result of Picture Day

 Is a little girl who has spent the day posing her stuffed animals for class pictures with our old camera.  

 She learned how to use the "timer" feature tonight and J hooked her up with a tripod.

But first she makes sure that their "hair" is just right.  Her teachers thought her hair needed a little help this morning and they spent a bit of time working out the tangles and putting in her barrette just right.  :)  Apparently I miscalculated the importance of "picture day." :)

Nothing like an impromptu family photo at the end of the day (Beza was already in bed.)

Every few months we download her photos--always fun to see just exactly what she's captured.  

Besides her stuffed animals, the most common object of her affection is Riley the cat.

Or other still life in our home--showing it like it really is.
Bags of garbage by the front door.

There are sometimes some of us.

Some of them are from unique angles (sharing this one instead of the lovely amount of ones taken of me early in the morning.)

She gets up close and personal with her subjects.

And she captures their eyes.

Love her point of view...
 Her reflection in the water at the bottom of the grate.

In this last month of her being 5....

Love seeing the world through her eyes. :)

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  1. WOW, this was so fun to see and read, thx for sharing. Technology at a 5 yrs olds fingertips is way cool:)