Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Made-It: The Art Wall

Do you, like me, have a million bazillion pieces of children's artwork?  What is the answer to the age old question, "What do I do with it all?"

Honest answer--toss most of it when no one is looking. ;)  I do keep the special ones dated with a small explanation of what it is and tuck them away in a special box (a box that just might have to grow over time ;).

But I was thinking that between the time of masterpiece completion and the decision to toss/keep--maybe I could use that huge wall upstairs where we used to keep our referral countdown as an "art wall."

I love the idea of framing their work--but that costs money.  And turning that wall into a huge cork wall is also a fun idea--but tacks and small children who eat things off the floor don't mix well.  :)

And just as I was getting more confused about what to do, I found Pinterest and this idea(go here for the tutorial).

In case I've never said this before--I love to do "projects" because they are a tangible way to show that you've "accomplished" something--but I never take these accomplishments very seriously.  I definitely am no expert in anything crafty.  I just love to find inexpensive (and even better--free) ways to make our house a fun place to create and inspire memories. :)

Okay, so the "Art Wall."

 (Sneak peak.)

The inspiration one was made with fabric.  Because I didn't think that I had enough fabric and/or patience to do all of that sewing :), I dug through the craft closet and found fun coordinating scrapbook paper.

And just because the camera was sitting on the desk while I was working--don't you know, I took some photos to share the whole process--aren't you lucky? ;)

1. I cut out 22 triangles and flags from the scrapbook paper.  

2.  I cut two pieces of ribbon ($2 for two spools) for each "flag."  

3.  I laid it all out on the bed to create just the "right" pattern. :)

4.  Using a guide, I stapled each ribbon onto the flags so that they would each hang down the same amount from the rope (4 yards for $1.20).

5.  I added some flair with some paper and button flowers that I made eons ago and that were just looking for something fun to do.

6.  I meticulously strung each flag unto my rope.

7.  I attached it to the wall with nails.

8.  I added a few pieces of artwork with clothespins with lots of "room to grow." :)

And this is one of my favorite pieces by T (it's in my "keep" file).  I call it the "Accidental Bluebird."  He was just doodling/scribbling and it unwittingly looks just like a bluebird (eating a blue worm/smelling a blue flower?). 

And there you have it--the Art Wall--a fun decorative place (even when there is no artwork) for all of their creations...for now. :)

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