Monday, September 12, 2011

Made-It: Book Sling

Okay, I have a confession--I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Pinterest!  My obsession started only 5 days ago.  And in that time I have completed 4 projects and I'm working on my 5th and 6th.  Maybe "obsessed" isn't a strong enough word.  I am definitely under the influence.

I knew I would like it, so I've stayed away from it.  But on Thursday I was just looking for a little bit of inspiration for a children's art wall.  And then, WHAM, just like that 2 projects planted themselves so strongly in my mind, that despite the hour (4pm) I gathered up the gang and we all headed to Hobby Lobby and Lowes.  Did I mention that it was at 4pm--one of the toughest chunks of the day known to all parent-kind? :)

So over the summer, when I was at the "thrift" store with my family, there was a gigantic handmade wooden toolbox with a few compartments inside.  It was like 3 feet long or something like that.  Tons of character.  It was $12.  I didn't get it.  

Since then, I have thought of a million things I would love to do with it.  My number one option would be to use it in the Reading Nook for our seasonal books.  I've been looking online for something similar and I can't find anything even close to that in price.  

Enter Pinterest.

This cute little book sling popped up.  It looked so easy.  And inexpensive.  And it would work perfectly!

The Reading Nook is in the dining room.  It's fairly monochromatic in there.  So despite the endless fabric options, I went with a neutral linen. (Exciting, huh?)

I sewed the sling on Friday afternoon and was too excited to wait for J to help me attach it to the wall.  So, I laughed just a bit maniacally while I went in search of the power drill--a screwdriver just wasn't cutting it.  It's amazing what a little stubborn determination will help you do.  I figured out how to switch out the bits and how to change the direction of drill.  And then I drilled pilot holes--all completely unsupervised.  (Scary, I know.)

The finished product.

Project cost:
Fabric: $3.99 for one yard
Wooden Dowels: $0.59/piece
Double Curtain Rod Hangers: $4.95/piece

Filled with Back to School and Fall Books.
(Wouldn't be complete without a few books from the old Alma Mater now would it? ;)

Of to do more projects!
Happy Monday! :)

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  1. I found that picture back when I was looking for inspiration for M's nursery. Of course it still is sitting in a folder of pictures on my computer...but I still love it...and I think you did a great job! Love that pinterest has inspired you to DO...for me it's just got me addicted to pinning =)