Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Days of "Unlawful Absence"

Last week we got to spend three days living it up at Penn State--J got to go there for work.

We keep trips like this hush-hush until right before we leave--it keeps the excitement level a little more under control. :)

Us: "Family announcement!" 
Them: Come running into our room where we're packing.
Us: "We're actually not going to Nana and Pop's." 
Them: Silence.
Us: "We're going to Penn State."
Them: Silence
Us: "We're staying in a hotel."
Them: "Ahh!" Ear-piercing screams.
Us: "For three nights."
Them: "Ahhhhh!" Even louder ear-piercing screams.
Us: "And it has a pool."
Them: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Un-conceivably even louder ear-piercing screams.

Yeah, they might like hotels...with pools. :)

While Daddy was at work, I spent one afternoon with my mom (one hour away).
My parents' house is tucked in the mountain just up the road from that Church.  The little crew and I took our first ever walk there together to see the beautiful inside--where, once upon a time, I went to school.

I spent another afternoon visiting my sister and new nephew.  (An hour and a half in the opposite direction.)
Awww...what a cute picture with the baby. ;) Seriously, what is up with that face?!

And on the way back from her house we took a car break at a cute little park.

The leaves there were already turning colors.

On our last day there we did all things Penn State.
We visited the Nittany Lion Shrine.

Yes, I was there, too. :)
Where did she learn that pose?

We visited our favorite farmer's market for fresh organic raspberries after meeting my cousin for bagels.

And had a lunch of ice cream at the Creamery.

And on the way back home then next day, we stopped at the Amish store for pumpkins.

Fun Fall trip!

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