Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites: Boots!

One unusually warm February day over three years ago I went for a walk outside to splash in the puddles with 2-year-old M--it was our last day as a family of three.  

Wearing a pair of pink flowered garden clogs I watched from the sidelines while M stomped through the water with great gusto.  That afternoon I ordered my first pair of rain boots--I didn't want to miss another opportunity to join in the fun. 

And I haven't!

We wore them to plant the garden,

To spread the mulch,

To splash in puddles,

And to forge the creek at the cabin.

Where I discovered that my boots were full of holes because they filled to the top with water. :)  

Holey boots do not, in fact, make good rain boots. 

My new boots are a bit sturdier and ready for many more puddles stomping adventures. :)

LOVE my rain boots! :)

Tired T, me, M, my sister-Bubsy, and my youngest sister--J (just missing our sister MB) all wearing our boots to walk to the farm. 

And just because these photos are hilarious--
T fetched my boots for me and came into the room like this--

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