Friday, September 09, 2011

Astronauts wear WHAT?!

Last week started with a special delivery.

So that they would be all geared up for "Space Camp." 

Did you know that Elmo visited NASA?  We learned a wealth of fun astronaut trivia from his little trip.  Their favorite and most surprising astronaut discovery--when astronauts make their space walks in these white suits, they have something very much in common with toddlers (After all, there are no potties in space.).

We (especially me) learned a ton more from watching the Discovery Channel's When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions.  They were on the edge of their seats watching each lift-off (and there were opportunities to talk about both the fascinating discoveries and the sad and priceless risks involved in space exploration.).

To get ourselves in astronaut-shape--we hiked the neighborhood hills--pushing strollers--you know, for extra resistance. 

Since this picture, we have added a blue stroller to our fleet.  Apparently I make stroller-pushing look like so much fun, that everyone wants one! ;)

We even got to partake of some astronaut ice cream.  Ice cream that I found, in of all places, the check out of Old N*vy?!

There were also the obligatory playdough planets (no pictures of these.)  And tons of outer-space art.

Two of my very favorites by M.
Top: Spaceship Fruit--Flying pears, apples and bananas.
Bottom: Astronauts (with flower shirts) holding the animals that are going into Space.  Also, a disco ball.  (They have no faces, because it's a side view. ;)

We ended the week by watching the IMAX: Hubble.  Breathtaking!  The vastness of Space is truly uncomprehendible.  

What an amazing Universe!

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