Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's Up?: Haircut, Teeth and Toys

Dear little Beza has a luscious head of tight black curls.  We have a bazillion products that we use to try to keep them beautiful.  But, my, we are a team of novices in training! :)  Thankfully she's very little and consequently full of grace. :)

Lately we've been noticing some brownish-orange-ish tips on those curls.  What to do?  Take her somewhere and pay for just a teeny-tiny trim or do it myself?  

With the help of Sesame Street (as a distraction), I decided to tackle the job.  Figuring that if I made a horrible mistake, a professional could take over. :)

The Before (getting her head to hold still is pretty much next to impossible. ;).
(Yes, there is also a bit of fruit bar mixed in all there.)

Goodbye little curls...

An Attempted After.
Her hair is just a tad bit shorter, but definitely all shiny black now. :) 

Little Girl is on her way to her 4th tooth and makes an awesome grinding sound with her current 3. :)

And her favorite toys these days?

She loves putting the balls back in.

And these oldies but goodies--
But her most favorite?
These microfiber dusters.

What more can you ask for?  Playing and cleaning at the same time!  Sweet!


  1. She is just TOO CUTE! One of our little cuties reminds me A LOT of her :O).

  2. You did a great job!!! She is so precious!

  3. Cohen's hair is the same tight curls....what are you using?

    She is just precious. I love that her fav toy is the dusters. Cohen loves all things that aren't toys.