Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theme Weeks: Ahoy Mateys!

Two weeks ago we had a swashbuckling good time with pirates.

To set the mood, this...
Warning--this one is a real earworm--stuck in my noggin for days!

For snack I found these fitting plates and used marshmallow fluff on pretzel sticks to "fish."

There were a few treasure hunts.
The first one ended in fishing poles in the tub at bathtime.

The second one included a trail of picture clues that led to these "rocks."
(Hmmm...yeah, they do kind-of look like maybe a dog...or cow...was visiting our yard.)

But, alas, these are no ordinary rocks...

There are "treasures" buried inside.
(Our grocery store had cake decorations on clearance for a dollar--I found actual pirates for T
and not-so-related, but loved, carebears for M.)

And one afternoon I spent all of naptime filling up like 100 water balloons (they go rather quickly) for some pirate-inspired action.

While M and T were enjoying popsicles on their swings after dinner, J and I dressed like this
(It was the end of the day...:)

And ran out for a surprise attack.  Pretty scary, huh? :) 

Aye, me hearties, before me take to me quarters, a final pirate chantey.
(Incidently, the very same colors we used to try to paint our "treasure chests" (shoe boxes) brown and ended with the same result.)


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