Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Funnies: The Petition

Yesterday morning went something like this:

M: Daddy, I am 5 1/2.  Then I'll be 6.  And then 7 and 8 and 9 and 10.

T: Daddy, I'm 3.  And I'm getting bigger.

T: The time is going fast!

M: We love you very much.

T: But your time with us is short.

M: We want to be good with our money.

M: (Throwing the money.) But your time with us is priceless.

Unison-ish: So, can we get a bigger bed?!

Yes, decided to pull out the secret weapons for this one.  :)
I just handed them the props and they did the talking.

Oh, the ungoing mental debate about spending money on a bed!  Africa is so heavy on our hearts, but we have these little people with us for such a short time...  Someday they won't want to cuddle with us--I don't want to regret that we let this time slip away.

  T still snuggles in every night sometime between 1-6 in the morning (actually, one morning this week he woke up at 7 sobbing in his own bed because he "forgot" to come over and he was so sad that is was already time to get up.).  M would love to squeeze in for some morning love, but space is at a premium.  Add in Beza and we're one big tangle of arms and legs.  Not exactly so cozy... :)

Did the petition work?
We loaded up the crew for a trek to IKEA.  On a Saturday afternoon.  During naptime.  It is a lesson we had thought we had learned before.   From one parent to another--never, EVER go there on a Saturday afternoon during naptime.  

Needless to say, we may have left empty handed, but with much to sleep on. :)

And someday soon we will all be happily snuggled together in one big bed. :)

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