Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Kid-ease

An interpreter's guide to the words around here.

Eyesight: Campsite (T)
"I'm using my chair in the hallway to make my eyesight.  Where's my wantern (lantern)?"
Hut-Out: Hide-out/Campsite (M)
"I'm building a hut-out with all of these blankets."

Gumdrops: Eyedrops, raindrops. (T)
"Daddy, you forgot your gumdrops for your eyes."
"Mommy, do you want me to move my fingers on your back like gumdrops? (Absolutely! :)"

Yogrit: Yogurt (T)
"I had yogrit for lunch.  I spilled yogrit all over the fwoor (floor)."

Ringears: Earrings (M)
"I have a lot of ringears."

(Personal favorite)
Wove: Love (T)
"Mommy, I wove you in your yew-wo (yellow) shirt."

I wove you, too, T.

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  1. How precious!!! So glad you are documented all these sweet things they say! :)