Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Made-It: The Mural Choice

Once upon a time I painted one wall in T's room bright, bright blue.  It cast an eerie hue over the whole space.

A few days later I bought a small can of orange-ish paint to cover it up.  It was a lovely color, but not quite enough.  While I've tried to pass it off as a cool painting technique :), tackling the not-so-well-covered corners with the bright blue showing through has been on my to-do list for some time.

When T was just a few months old I ordered inexpensive oars (on ebay) to fill the empty space above the futon in his room.

(Love it! :)

Recently I thought that painting waves under them would be fun.

But waves might not be fun forever.

The solution: Making a giant chalkboard wall.  
A giant chalkboard for me to put "murals" on for now.  And when he's older--like at least 10 older-- he can take over. :)

(Because I love finding and hearing about good deals, those large down-filled pillows were $12 for the pair on clearance at TJM*xx  (maybe it was the bright orange color? ;).  The futon cover was $10 at Targ*t (75% off).  And we finally bought another light (under $20 at Targ*t) for his room--because he loved playing with cords, he has only had one small, dim table lamp on his dresser.)

Lest you think I am an amazing artist ;), J helped me project an image up on the wall with our projection TV.

I used Crayola Chalk Crayons--they're a little more vibrant than ordinary chalk and a little less expensive than bistro chalk markers

T's future ideas for this wall include a giant shark mouth, the moon, or a submarine.

Knowing M wouldn't want to miss out on a giant chalkboard, I added one in her room, too.

The Before:

Her Request:

The After:

Just high enough on the wall so that a certain little girl's fingers won't smear the image. :)