Wednesday, August 10, 2011

16 Bowls and A Week Later...

Just one bowl of cat food and half of a dish of water were left.

Our two cats had some quality time together while we stuffed nearly every earthly summer-friendly possession we have into the van for a week with our families.

Our small crew cruised around the town like it was their business.

(No worries, he pulled over to take the call. ;)

Seriously, what better way to get to the swimming hole?
(These cute little cars reside with Nana and Pop. :)

While J captained the canoe, I joined the live-with-abandon, life-vest wearers for brisk swims in deep, swift, fish-filled waters.

 Armed with rubber boots we fearlessly explored the dry creek-bed for treasures.
(And good skipping stones--that of which we somehow only managed to find quite excellent "belly-flopping" stones.)

We met up with dinosaurs.

Got up close and personal with a boa constrictor and baby alligator.

Spent an entire afternoon with my Mom and two of my sisters (missed you MB) making earrings and bracelets.

And perusing a block of thrift stores.

There was tree-climbing at great-grandparents.

Lots of delicious (sometimes messy) meals with family.

And campfires, Jiffeo ice cream (peanut butter ice cream with huge chunks of oreos), one-on-one school shopping dates that included special treats from Starbucks, and a week unplugged. :)

The whole trip ended with amusement park fun.

M rode the giant water-ride with me. Despite our panicked urges to hop off the ride on it's ascent (M's out loud, mine to myself and disguised as words like "This is so fun!"), we screamed and laughed all the way down to the soaked-all-the-way-through bottom.  SO fun!

  And T volunteered to join me on the humongous rocking ship (my personal favorite).

(His face says it all... ;)

The little people had such a great week--their favorites were "everything."


  1. This looks like you guys had an AWESOME vaca with family! I have to admit that I'm jealous of all of the outdoorsy things and the fact that I don't see sweat-soaked clothes on all of you (it's currently above 100 degrees every day in Houston).

    That last pic of Beza is adorable! Has that baby girl gotten any more teeth in yet or is she a master "gummer?" ;)

  2. So fun!!! Looks like ya'll had a great time!!!