Monday, July 18, 2011

Vintage Summer Bathroom Makeover

A little over a year ago I decorated the kid's bathroom with owls (here).
Feeling ready to stir things up a bit and inspired by all things light, airy and summery I  started with this bunting that has a bit of a sail-like essence. 

Yes, yes, I painted those flowery swirls on there.  Stunning aren't they? ;)

Then I remembered that I had stashed away this handsome shower curtain some time ago.  Totally fell in love with the stripes and fell even more in love when I snagged it for 75% off ($7 at Target).

I embellished it with a few scrap pieces of ribbon, you know, to add to the whole light-and-airy feel.

I happily found a new home for this wandering navy bird.

And moved this frame from downstairs to grace the wall above the potty.

Speaking of which, would any children's bathroom be complete without this book?

Purchased once upon a time when we were having some "issues."

And when all of that business is done, we have this FABULOUS soap!  Addictive!  And it might induce urges to lick your own hands--or those of your offspring.  Which would lead you right back to washing them all over again.  Vicious cycle.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats, just wondering what our towels look like.  After a simply delightful bath during which no one ever cries because water has come dangerously close to their faces (right!), one has the pleasure of choosing from the bear, puppy, monkey or princess towel--depending on their fancy.

And before leaving the grand tour of the bathroom, I feel like I simply must point out the night light.  What a deal!  75 cents!  And it matches!

Wah-lah!  And there you have it, my practically free summer bathroom makeover.

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  1. Love your bathroom! It's very cute, and I imagine the Poop book can come in handy. ;-)

    Good job decorating. Your swirls and flower paintings on those flags are gorgeous.