Thursday, July 14, 2011

Theme Weeks: Frontier Living

We spent a whole week celebrating America's Birthday--a whole week! 

As one might suspect, because the week so conveniently began with the Fourth of July--we kicked it off with fireworks (from the roof of our van.).

Beza might like fireworks...
(Seriously, I'm not sure that smile could get any bigger.)

We watched a few chunks of PBS's Frontier House.  And then built our own cabin/forts.

And one day we lived it up by making our own butter (heavy cream shaken for about 10 minutes).

We put the butter on fresh buttermilk biscuits (the just add water kind...).
(Red, white & blue nails.)

And I even let them have decaf coffee--heavy on the sugar and cream.  

They drank coffee all day long.
(Coffee and the Goodyear Blimp--kind-of random.)

That day we built our own lean-to--complete with a "firepit" for our coffee thermos.  (The day before we had pretended that the treehouse was a ship on it's way to America--M & T had a hard time believing that our ship could suddenly become a house.)

They forged the "river" on their "horses."

They washed their own dishes in the "creek."

And hung their freshly creek-laundered linens out to dry.

And ended the day by picking fresh peas from the garden.

We read this book a lot last week.


  1. Ya'll are so creative and fun! And I love the picture of Beza smiling so big! So excited that she is walking!!! :)

  2. Gini - if I haven't told you before, then I'm telling you now...I have a blog crush on you. ;) I shared your blog with some of my friends from college, so if you have any new mysterious "followers," that would be why. You are so creative and I love all that you do with your kiddos! Oh, and that smile of Beza's literally made my eyes water from being so happy. I'm already planning (in my head, of course) the trip for Eden to come visit Beza and Alle when she's older...