Friday, July 01, 2011

Theme Weeks: For the Birds

We just finished up two weeks of bird adventures.

It started one morning with these...

Dollar Store binoculars and a field guide to take notes like this...

"I love the European Starling."

And bird checklists.

We mostly just observed a lot of birds on our deck.  We are so not experts but we're getting to know the names of most of our backyard friends.
The very noisy red-winged blackbird all puffed up while singing his song.

We found out who likes bird seed.
Cute little chipping sparrows (totally thought these were wrens before last week.)

And some non-bird creatures, including this squirrel and night-time visitors like opossums.
This dude looks an awful lot like me laying around late at night with a bowl of popcorn.

And who liked my burnt banana bread .
(While letting it cool on the stove, I accidently turned on the wrong burner to make tea.)
I think this mockingbird is just a little bit angry about the not-so-subtle smoky flavor.

We were a bit of a bird mecca and one afternoon while hosing off the aftermath of attracting so many feathered fowls a bluejay bonked me in the back.  We were both a little stunned.

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