Friday, July 29, 2011

Theme Weeks: Bosom Friends...

Two whole weeks of watching Anne of Green Gables....  

Poor T.

We started reading the book a few months ago (Kindle).  It is a bit wordy for a 3 and 5-year-old, but they, too, fell in love with Anne (spelled with an "e").

It was (hmm..and might still be), my absolute favorite movie.  Bosom friends and kindred spirits...good stuff. :)  Love that I get to watch it all over again with my gang.

But in all actuality, swimming lessons at the lake (aka large gravel-sanded, man-made pond) started three weeks ago and they tend to consume a large portion of our day.  

The packing of gear, bathing suiting the squirmy worms, sunscreening the whole crew, taking two trips to the shady spot, rushing to the lessons across the pond with the wandering sheep, attempting to keep sand out of hair, persuading anxious to-be-in-the-water want-to-be-fish to sit down to each lunch before the lake opens, making sure they all stay alive, and then lugging the whole conglomeration back to the baking hot van is all a bit exhausting.  Not to mention the clean-up at home... Whew!

But three-weeks in we're a bit more stream-lined and possibly not so grouchy about the whole ordeal. ;)

Honestly they love it though.  And M's making some huge strides to becoming a swimmer.

Getting ready to practice some under-water skills with her nose plugged. :)

Latest technique for keeping this fast-walking water-lover corralled. 

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  1. I love that picture of Beza! And I love that "technique" also. By the way, your laundry basket on the beach technique worked for us last week!