Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Take it all. I don't need any of it."

Today was a pretty typical day around here--a day that included the usual rummaging around to come up with something for meals and snacks, breaking up arguments, finding lost bears, and having to re-wash the fresh sheets that I had just put on two beds yesterday.  Sometimes those things make me just a little grumpy.  And bedtimes can sometimes be a bit rushed.  In the everyday tedium my view of life can be quite myopic.

But on Sunday night, after a fun evening with friends, the night-time routine broke free for a moment.

Sitting on the futon for our usual stories and prayers, someone asked God to be with the children in Africa.

No water, no food--famine and death.  Children that look like my children.  Mothers who look like me.

Hundreds of thousands of miles away and way too easy for me to forget in my way too normal day.

And then a little voice says, "Can you please get my piggy bank.  We need to send them money."

We watched a few news clips (here and here).

Then talked about how much to give.  "Take it all, I don't need any of it."


We talked about how the money will make a difference.  How through the internet the money was probably already there.  They cheered and realized that maybe it was morning in Africa and that because of their piggy bank treasures a good number of little bellies would be filled that day and the little people who were too weak to stand up would walk today.

It's Wednesday and they're still talking about it.

And I am convicted and moved by their hearts.

Today's report was very grim.

There is so much hurting and suffering around the world and even right where I am. Sometimes that feels overwhelming and I think that it can even numb me to the reality of the suffering.

But what pops into my head is that once my eyes have been opened, what will I do with that? (Proverbs 24:12)

I want to be more like M and T.

Praying tonight for the people of Somalia... 


  1. Each time I read another article as the days pass my heart breaks even more than I thought it could. On my knees a lot these days...

  2. Fasting and praying. Thank you for this. Do you mind if I also post the video? I'd like to put it up on my husband's facebook page. Thank you for stirring my heart today with this. Now it's time for me to act.