Monday, July 11, 2011

Made-It: A List on Date Night

Last night (Sunday night) J surprised me by getting our friends to watch all of our littles for dinner out.  

We went to our favorite BK (Before Kids) restaurant.

There was smooth and delicious pulled pork on top of corn pancakes with cilantro coulis.  (Coulis--how fun is that word?)

And lightly crusted halibut over smashed purple potatoes.  

Two hours of  completely un-interrupted eating and conversation.

Conversation that did spend a bit of time on this list...
Brainstorming some creative ways to conquer a few of our daily challenges.  Perhaps just writing them down dispells part of their gusto. :)

Thank you, C&J for watching the whole crew.  They thought they were the lucky ones who got to stay with you while we went to a boring restaurant.  And they're plotting ways to come back. :)

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