Thursday, July 07, 2011

Going to a Hotel...

For our 11th Anniversary (Wow!) we all snuck away to Mystic, Connecticut for a few days. 

But, first, on the way, we met up with one of the families that we traveled to Ethiopia with on our first trip.  

So fun to see them again and so cool to watch our kids play together.

Then we surprised M and T by not driving back to our house.  (We had secretly packed their bags while they were sleeping.)  We said, "We have a surprise.  We're not going home.  We're going to a hotel."  They dropped open their mouths, looked at each other and whooped, "A hotel!"

Sidenote about vacation planning with our little people:  There are a ton of things to do in Mystic.  J and I sat down to plan out a rough schedule and we were totally overwhelmed.  Then we remembered a basic kid principle--the hotel would inevitably be their highlight.  So, we cancelled our original cheaper hotel and upgraded to one with an indoor pool.  And it was their favorite thing.  There hasn't been a day this week that they haven't mentioned a longing to go the hotel. :)

We ventured around Mystic Seaport.  Lots of old boats to see and get on.  Our two favorite things, though--seeing a real jellyfish with tentacles in the water and a really old falling-apart ship from the Civil War.

We also visited a Submarine Museum.  So cool--we even got to go in a real submarine.  I can not imagine living on one... 

There was a "submarine control room" that T could not get enough of (well actually, J and I might have pushed just about every button and lever in the whole room. ;).

And then we hit the beach.

M loves everything about the beach--favorite quote from her, "You just don't know that you would like seashells, but then you pick one up and you just want more and more!"  We collected a lot of shells. 

T started out as a sand guy, but by the end we couldn't get him out of the water. 

He thought it was crazy fun to slide down the beach on his bottom backwards into the water.  

Beza is also a fan of all things water.  But she eats the sand. And the shells.  And rocks...  :)  This basket is our current plan for keeping her sand-intake to a minimum this summer at the lake. :)

(Row, Row, Row Your Boat makes her smile. :)

Oh, and on our trip we also checked out Dinosaur Place--a locale with life-sized dinosaurs along meandering walking trails, complete with an erupting volcano (on the hour), a maze, huge playground, and an awesome splash pad (Where a little girl M's age asked me about Beza's skin color--it was a good conversation. :)

We squeezed in one last trip to the beach,

And came home, arriving just in time to watch fireworks from our bedroom windows and very happy from our 3 days away.

T wants us to make some "plan-works" for more hotel stays in the near future.  We'll see what we can do. ;)

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