Friday, July 08, 2011

Favorites: Berry Vacuums and Bubble Umbrellas

Today we picked fresh raspberries (Quite an experience with a newly potty-trained little guy.).  

They didn't last long, though...

M & T after already consuming half of a quart of berries.

Seriously, they eat these faster than any treat sweet. :)

And today my umbrella order arrived--with excellent timing--it was a rainy afternoon.  M's 50cent yard sale parasol umbrella has seen better days.  Now they both have (had) their own.

While I was mopping up a few stray smashed berries, they were outside in the rain.  Apparently, inspired by the fun bowl shape, they thought it would be fun to sit in them.  T's is awaiting some Daddy magic-tricks...  ;)

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